Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Liveblogging -- Hornets @ Lakers, 1st Quarter

Here's my attempt at liveblogging the game last night... I only did the first quarter, because I was getting behind on the game and a bit annoyed at how the Lakers were playing. Third quarter would've been better, but the 4th quarter would've been painful.

:::LAL::: After Chandler is called for stealing the opening tip, the Lakers open with Fisher deep in the post on Paul, where he uglies up two shots and doesn’t score.
:::NOH::: An 18’ fadeaway jumper from West, posting up on Pau, misses badly.
:::LAL:::A crossover by Kobe gets Peja’s attention, leaving VladRad wide open for a 3 that misses short.
:::NOH::: Paul gets a high pick, and after VladRad collapses it’s Peja’s turn to miss a jumper.
:::LAL::: Bynum gets the ball deep in the post, but misses a jump hook in the lane.
:::NOH::: West tries the 18’ jumper over Pau again, and hits it. (2-0)
:::LAL::: Pau gets the ball in the low post on West, and his baseline turnaround jumper somehow catches backboard.
:::NOH::: In semi-transition, Paul misses a 20’ jumper over Fisher.
:::LAL::: A Kobe move draws Paul over, and a Fisher drive and pass gets Bynum two free throws; he hits one. (2-1)
:::NOH::: Two off-ball screens manage to get Butler a leaning, contested shot. He misses.
:::LAL::: Two off-ball screens get Vlad wide open for a handoff from Bynum in the post, but he bricks the resulting layup.
:::NOH::: In transition, Peja (Vlad’s man) hits an open 18’ jumper. (4-1)
:::LAL::: Paul doubles Pau in the low post, giving Fish an open three that he buries. (4-4)
:::NOH::: Butler’s drive on Vlad is blocked by Bynum right to Chandler, who dunks it. (6-4)
:::LAL::: Chandler fouls Bynum, non-shooting. Pau makes a move in the post without the ball, and Paul picks up a steal.
:::NOH::: In transition, West gets a mildly contested 16’ jumper that he misses.
:::LAL::: Fisher passes up a three, and Kobe is left to crossover on Butler and hit a fadeaway 19’ jumper. (6-6)
:::NOH::: Chandler is fouled putting back a missed three by Butler, and somehow makes both free throws. (8-6)
:::LAL::: An off-ball screen gets Pau open for a 13’ fadeaway that he misses.
:::NOH::: Paul gets a high pick from Chandler, and Bynum doesn’t leave the paint so Paul is open from 15’ and converts. (10-6)
:::LAL::: A nice head-fake and drive by Pau leads to a wide open three by Fish. (10-9)
:::NOH::: More Paul/Chandler pick and roll, Fish stays with Paul and Bynum get caught between, and Chandler finishes the alleyoop. (12-9)
:::LAL::: Pau gets it in the post late in the clock, and his jump hook barely catches rim.
:::NOH::: Bynum gets switched onto West, who drives it right at him and hits a 9’ runner. (14-9)
:::LAL::: Bynum makes a nice drop step from the low post, but misses the lefty jump hook from 6’.
:::NOH::: West on Bynum in the post, and he hits a nice 16’ fadeaway. (16-9)
:::LAL::: Kobe gets a high pick and hits a driving shot in the lane. Foul, and one. (16-12)
:::NOH::: Two open shots from Paul pick-and-rolls: a missed 15’ jumper by Butler and a Paul three. (19-12)
:::LAL::: Kobe dances free for a 15’ jumper. (19-14)
:::NOH::: Paul pick-and-roll, Paul floater from 5’. (21-14)
:::LAL::: Kobe faces up from 20’ straightaway, and misses a jumper.
:::NOH::: Chandler bumps Fish on a moving screen and picks up his second foul.
:::LAL::: Odom in, and his offball screen gets Vlad an open 15’ jumper, which he almost makes.
:::NOH::: Paul pick-and-roll with Eli, and Paul hits an 8’ runner. (23-14)
:::LAL::: Eli closes lazily on Odom, then fouls him on a driving layup. Odom makes one, misses one. (23-15)
:::NOH::: Armstrong drives into Gasol and gets an iffy call, then makes one of two FTs. (24-15)
:::LAL::: Paul starts to cheat towards Kobe before he has the ball, and the pass instead to a just-checked-in Sasha leads to corner three, swish. (24-18)
:::NOH::: A defensive three call gives Peja a free throw. Paul shoots over Sasha, easily, from 17’. (27-18)
:::LAL::: Posey fouls Kobe up top, then again after the whistle leading to an odd T; Kobe makes two of the three free throws. (27-20)
:::NOH::: Sasha fouls Paul on a 20’ jumper after scrambling around a high screen. Two made FTs. (29-20)
:::LAL::: Bynum rebounds a Kobe missed jumper, and after the reset Sasha comes off a pick for a 21’ jumper. (29-22)
:::NOH::: Paul pick-and-roll, and Sasha gets called trying to hold the screener, Armstrong. 1-2 FTs. (30-22)
:::LAL::: Lamar gets space from Eli for a 20’ jumper, and he hits it. (30-24)
:::NOH::: Paul/Armstrong pick-and-roll, and Armstrong throws up an awkward runner.
:::LAL::: Lamar 2-for-1 drives on Armstrong and gets bodied, no call and the 13’ runner is short.
:::NOH::: Sasha picks up his third foul cheaply, playing Paul too close up top. Paul hits both FTs. (32-24)
:::LAL::: Lamar drives right at and around Eli and lays it in on the left side. (32-26)
:::NOH::: VladRad clownishly goes into the crowd on a steal attempt, but Peja misses the resulting wide-open, last second 17’ jumper.

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