Thursday, November 29, 2007

2nd tier

ok, so we're not elite in the west...still it was nice to handle denver, a legit 2nd tier team. this was a good game for kobe to break out of his poor shooting slump. you knew it was coming, but some of the shots he threw in tonight were beyond creative....multiple fade away turn around jumper bank shots that were money. great home win, and a good way to answer a 3 game skid by running a couple back to back.

btw - another double double for socks bynum.. can he do this for 82 games?


flyE said...

I like how Barkley was saying before the game that Denver was an elite team, then after he said "I was wrong." Even Ernie said "at best they are a 6th or 7th seed." Really? So who is the annointed 5th seed?

Seems to me you have Spurs-Suns-Mavs-Jazz... although the Jazz seem vulnerable. After that you have the Lakers, Rockets, Nuggets, Warriors, and Hornets all fighting for 4 spots. Any one of those teams could be 5th or 9th.

I think it's the Rockets that are getting the #5 love. Too bad the Warriors absolutely destroyed them last night and dropped them to 9-8.

flyE said...

And speaking of Chuck.. he had the line of the week after the Celtics beat the Knicks by 45: "I was talking to my bookie the other night... you know I had the Knicks and 50 and almost lost."

flyE said...

And Doug friggin Collins nailed it: getting Luke in the starting lineup makes so much sense. He thrives as the 3rd or 4th best player on the floor, and struggles off the bench. Get VladRad off the bench to fire up all kinds of shots -- he plays better with Farmar and Sasha anyway.

I think depending on the opponent your starting 3-4 is Luke-Lamar! or Lamar!-Turief.

flyE said...

And one more thing... that garbage time dunk by Bobby Jones was SICK.

samuellemons said...

missed that Jones dunk. I'm sure you have it saved for me though. Wonder if it's on YouTube, should check that after I post.

Luke/Turiaf is my pick. Kobe, Lamar & (pick your starting C here) can hang with any squad. Then I like our second unit. Like any PJ team, it's all about haning close and saving your mojo for the end of the game, aka Kobe time. With this young team (2nd youngest behind Portland now), I like our dynamic of triangle and fast break. Hopefully at some point we can translate our defensive tenaciousness to some nice end of game finishes.