Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Nice win by the Lakers last night, but it was the Pacers so... let's talk about the Knicks.

They got trounced by the Warriors last night in front of UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon, who actually said afterward: "I'm sorry that the New York Knicks lost. They've been playing poorly, very poorly, and I'm disappointed."

This prompted the best line of the year from one of the SportsCenter crew: "Confronted by millions around the world without clean water, even the Secretary-General is sickened by Knick basketball!"

(SWSBOGW = some would say because of global warming)

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flyE said...

Speaking of good lines, this is from a Deadspin commenter:

"If Madame Tussauds has the intellectual property rights to standing around, the Bulls and Knicks better prepare legal representation."