Thursday, November 15, 2007

Poll: Nervous Time

(from Sony who doesn't have post permissions yet)

What Makes You Most Nervous?

  1. Lamar chucking up a 3
  2. Fisher leading a fast break
  3. Fisher driving into the paint
  4. A hard interior pass to Kwame
  5. Vlad guarding someone


Sony said...

Erik made the good point that #2 leads to #3 as the day follows night, as bad legislation follows a crisis, and as a dirty old man follows a cutie out of his way.

But for me, they are two different anxieties: #2 has me screaming "PASS, PASS" and #3 has me just resigned and sad.

flyE said...

Still, the pass to Kwame has to be at the top. He can catch alley-oops or post passes (usually), but anything interior like a breakdown that leaves him rolling to the hoop is pointless.

I almost expect Kobe to do a literal wall pass to himself -- throw it to Kwame with the expectation that it will bounce right off.

Speaking of... Yao executed the most perfect missed freethrow I have ever seen. Perfect brick right back to him, kick out to the open 3-point shooter. After playing so well, Farmar was almost the goat!