Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wise words from a fat bald man

That win last night was really... necessary. Can we please face Dallas in the first round? Pretty please? I think we can beat them in a 7-game series without Gasol or Bynum.

So I flip over to TNT to catch the end of the Rockets winning streak, and during the post-game highlights of the Suns-Blazers game they show Shaq shaking hands with Paul Allen. Charles Barkley says something about Allen having a lot of money, and Ernie Johnson says, well, Shaq has a little too. Thus prompting this gem from Charles:
"Are you kidding me? If Paul Allen woke up with Shaq money, he'd kill himself."

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samuellemons said...

The Suns are in trouble. Pushing so hard too early just to prove the critics wrong will come back to haunt. Some of Shaq's flailing, shoving, and "defense" had kobe suspended multiple games lastseason. Whatever..

I would love to see the suns in a series. Nuff Said

Dallas? Bleh.

Dirk is still a beast but they still don't get the importance of big moments. Does Kidd? I'm not sure, if Howard ever wakes up then maybe. Maybe too late since their window is closing as we speak.

I have been depressed due to our health issues, but seeing 24 play with a passion unseen in recent history, I can confidently support this squad knowing we're ready for the challenges ahead. WCF or bust!