Thursday, March 6, 2008

Baron Davis on Dan Patrick Show

1. He prefers to be called Lord Baron Davis.
2. He's doing a movie about Sonny Vaccaro starring James Gandolfini.
3. He did a movie about how tough it was growing up in the hood.
4. His buddy Cash Warren, who he met at elite, $22,000 a year, Crossroads High in hoody Santa Monica, and Jessica Alba are doing great and Cash will make a great father. He had no comment on his other classmates from the hood, Gwenyth Paltrow, Sean Astin, Jack Black, etc.
5. Kobe is the man and when he has twins, he's going to name them Kobe and Bryant.

1 comment:

Sammy Limones said...

1. I like Lord Baron Savior. You need three titles, the last being just ridiculous.

2. i predict a crap davis alba movie within a year after baron retires. think dane cook and dennis rodman in their late 90's venture.

3. i wouldn't know.

4. Santa Monica is really tough!!! park in.
5. Jeff Van Gundy's quote from the last Lakers/Mavs game.
"The Mavericks should play the box and one...put the box on kobe and the one on everyone else." so you know i think those are great names for twins.