Thursday, February 28, 2008

Who's Not Honoring Me Now? VI

I may have to change the title of my post. Marty Burns is still picking teams from a hat (Rockets #1), and for some reason I couldn't find The Ultimate Hater Meija on CBS. Perhaps he was so consistently terrible they gave the job to this other guy.

I have been checking Sagarin regularly - the Lakers and Pistons have been swapping 2/3 back and forth by hundredths of a point, appropriately.

#3 - Sagarin/
#1 - Schuhmann/
#3 - Crouse/
#1 - dime magazine
#1 - Hollinger/
#1 - Steyn/
#3 - Burns/
#1 - Murphy/
#1 - Ludden/yahoo
#1 - Pincus/

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flyE said...

Forgot to mention that said that the Lakers were 13-1 against the spread as well. I think this was before the last game against Portland, where Sasha turned the ball over for no good reason up 15 (the spread) with 33 seconds to go, leading to a 13 point victory.

Are those Slovenian mobsters getting Sasha to shave points? "The Machine" is a pretty wiseguy nickname.