Wednesday, February 6, 2008

One Ugly Shot Deserves Another...(or Shaq's FT's vs. Marion's 3's)

So it's true. Shaq for Marion.

The knee-jerk reaction: lolwtf the suns just shot themselves in the foot.

The let it sink in reaction: Did they just trade their best defender for a slower, older, more beat up, less rebounding, can't defend the pick and roll player? Yup, they did. What am I missing?

The reaction from the reactions: I know something must be right in Laker land when Suns fans abandon their fandom as they watch their team "give up" the identity that made them lovable and nearly brought them a championship.

The I read too many hack sports writers today reaction: Does this really give the Suns a great shot at a title? Does Shaq really have one more push to bring this team to the finish line? Wait a second, this is the first time I've seen "He won't stop the fast break since he can be taking the ball out of bounds" line. Is that really a plus?

The I think I've got it now reaction: Kerr is the boss, D'Antoni is on the way out. The locker room chemistry must have been so bad that they needed Shaq to contribute to the reasons they hate Kobe. Good luck with that, don't you know everyone has a Kobe-man-crush!

and your reaction?

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flyE said...

Another coup for Mitch.