Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tough Love from Chuck

Charles, knocking back a few I assume, gives the Suns some honest and tough criticism.

Most surprisingly he says Nash is past his prime and has started his decline. Not sure I've seen the decline yet. His passing and shooting have been as good as ever and you can't decline defensively when you started out with nothing.

I also don't get all the talk about Shaq making Amare better. This isn't just coming from Sir Charles, I've seen it from multiple sources. How is a guy who never played much D and was a mediocre rebounder for his athletic ability teach these skills? Are they going to sit around and watch tapes of Dennis Rodman together? With the money that Shaq's getting paid it's an absolute cop-out if he himself doesn't perform. Instead of having Amare get better, why not just make up for his deficencies by bringing in a player who fulfils the roles of defense and rebounding...like say Shawn Marion?

I'm sure he'll be fired up on Wednesday, so the Lakers should make sure to play uptempo. When I saw the Warriors pick up the pace on the new look Suns last week they definitely looked a step behind without the Matrix. We can also play Hack-a-Shaq & Hack-a-Mare since neither can shoot unguarded from 12ft.

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flyE said...

The thing about Amare is that he doesn't like to do the hard big-man work, like boxing out or playing post defense. He sees himself as a 3 -- which is why he kept picking up, and getting toasted by, Bronbron in the AS game.

As we saw with the Laker game, having Shaq on the floor allows him to float more... sort of a bigger Lamar. So I think this does make him better just by letting him play to his strengths. The key will be making him handle bigs when Shaq is on the bench.