Tuesday, February 26, 2008


This Portland game makes me wonder whether Farmar should take Fishers starting gig. Or, more to the point, Who should finish fourth quarters, Farmar or Fisher? 

Watching Fish make bad decisions on the break, take early shots off his dribble and get torched at will by Steve Blake put all this in my head.  But it is nice watching Jordan lead the second team so decisively. The bench is a real asset. 


flyE said...

I was thinking about posting about Fish too... his game is just off for the last couple of weeks. With all of the injuries, our best 5 is that early 4th quarter squad of Farmar - Sasha - Kobe - Lamar - Pau.

flyE said...

That Miami game proved the point, no? Replace Pau with Turiaf and you have Team Scrappy.

Also from last night, Reggie Miller sez: If you swapped Kobe and Wade a couple of months ago, there is no way that the Heat miss the playoffs.

Word, dad.

Sony said...

Its mostly players that give Kobe props. Writers and the punditocracy harsh way too much. In the recent past, Shaq, Barkley , Nowitzki, etc have all pretty much laid "Best Player in The World" at Kobe's feet.

Lebron will never take that mantle if he keeps taking games off when he gets a bad manicure or shaving nick.