Saturday, February 9, 2008

I'm Talkin' About The Road

4-2 on The Road Trip after a big win last night, with three to go. I asked for 6-3 trip before it started (actually 7-3 but for some reason I thought the Knick game was on the road) and that looks very possible:

- At Miami on Sunday, with the debut of Maid Marion
- Back-to-back at Charlotte on Monday, against a team that Isn't Very Good
- At Minnesota on Wednesday, an enigma team that shouldn't be taken lightly

Then All-Star weekend where Kobe is in the Dunk Contest Skills Challenge Celebrity Game Shooting Stars Three-Point Shootout. Um, what?

So About Last Night: how about 36 for Kobe and 30 for Pau? I could get used to that. Pau is picking up the triangle faster than anyone I've ever seen, and is thriving in the pinch post, making some nifty passes. You see what he does to inferior talent, like abusing Adonal "He's So Well Spoken" Foyle. Once Bynum comes back and Pau is playing PFs, watch the fuck out.

One thing I really like about road games is hearing the road announcers. Not just because Joel Myers makes me want to puncture my eardrums, but to get a different perspective. Last night was classic: huge homers who couldn't believe a single foul call against the Magic. Howard picked up his 5th via a two-hand-check on a driving Kobe, and even after the replay they were acting like that was ticky-tack. On the plus side, my favorite so far is Steve Smith doing color in Atlanta: good player insight, funny... he should get picked up for national games.

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Sammy Limones said...

maid Marion...classic
minny-sota is another trap game...see ATL

You basically stole my posts about Pau clicking and the Magic further comment

So how bad is Luke hurting? When Ariza gets back can we get that guy some RnR?