Sunday, February 24, 2008

If The Playoffs Started Today

1. Lakers
8. Warriors

4. Jazz (at)
5. Hornets

2. Suns
7. Rockets

3. Spurs
6. Mavs

To me, that looks tailor-made for the Lakers reaching the conference finals, while the bottom half is a brutal slugfest. Just shows how important positioning will be down the stretch.

Missing from the picture is the Denver "Two All-Star Starters" Nuggets. At 33-22 they would be 4th in the East (where Philly is holding down the 8th spot at 25-32). Maybe the NBA should go to a full 16-team reseed? Could be interesting:

1. Celtics
16. Kings

8. Jazz
9. Rockets

4. Suns
13. Cavs

5. Spurs
12. Nuggets

2. Pistons
15. Blazers

7. Mavs
10. Magic

3. Lakers
14. Raptors

6. Hornets
11. Warriors

First round is a LOT more compelling, that's for sure. And you still get the much hoped for Lakers-Celtics final.

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