Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Kobe, Gasol power Lakers over Bobcats as road trip nears end

Man, I am digging the Pow Gasol show. Like Erik said, he frees up Lamar to be Lamar, one the league’s best rebounders, a roaming defender and occasional scorer. When Lamars feels the burden of primary scorer, his whole game withers. He's got crazy spring in his step and seems so relaxed.

Gasol is, according to Jerry West (who should know) a high I.Q. basketball player. He sets picks, he rolls, he traps his man behind him in the post, he takes easy 10’ jumpers and, most of all, he dives to the rim whenever he can. Kobe & Lamar look for him around the basket and he’s always there. I saw a lot of that yesterday- he just dives to the rim and Kobe and Lamar find him. Good chemistry with those three (paging Derek Fisher……).

But Okafor was pushing Gasol around like a rag doll yesterday around the rim and in the post. He’ll need Andruw and Lamar’s help against good big men.

Its been a while since I’ve been this excited about the playoffs, just to see what they can do. A lot of this is on Jackson, too. Gasol is not his kind of player, but Jax needs to make it work.

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flyE said...

Gasol is not going to guard the bigger players effectively, that's for sure. But does at least draw them out of the key on the other end. We definitely need Bynum back, and even Mihm too for a few key playoff minutes (fouls) against Yao (Shaq).