Saturday, April 5, 2008

Ba-da da da da, I'm' It!

What a fantastic game by Lamar last night... not only rebounding like a madman, D-ing up Dirk as best anyone can when he's in a zone like that, and just generally raising the energy level of the team, but what the hell was going on with a couple of his backdown post moves that ended in fancy finger-roll flips? You know what I'm talking about? Spinning them into the hoop like he's playing in a charity game and just having fun.

Bynum or no, the Lakers start playing a little better D for an entire game, and this team is a serious contender. The Mavs couldn't miss a shot, and yet were only up 10 at the half. You knew that would make the nervous, and sure enough... anyone else notice that Josh Howard starts to seem inconsequential in crunch time?

Do we really care if we face Dallas or Houston? I'd rather have either of them than the Nuggets right now.

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Sammy Limones said...

Those quick jump flippity-flips looked hilarious. Lamar is a different player when Kobe and Gasol are out there. Was it Odom who called his own game "handsome"? lol

When Bynum and Ariza get back they can help shore up the second unit's D. Next year we can run some twin towers system, but for now I think we can win with the big 3, fisher and vladrad.