Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Please, please tell me this is wrong

The Lakers are a terrible defensive team with Gasol, Fisher and Vlad on the floor. All three are consistently beaten by their man, fail to help with effective authority, and none of them rebound (Gasol has averaged 9 rebounds p.g. only once in 7 years). You have one guy (Kobe) killing himself on D and one guy (Lamar) getting rebounds and everyone else is a liability. Its like Phoenix with Amare, Raja and no one else.

The problem is, that you need a stout defense to dig out of these 10-15 point deficits they keep giving up to Charlotte, Memphis, Portland and other elite teams. But they don’t get any defense from their 3 starters and comebacks are regularly stopped by a couple wide open threes, offensive rebounds, or uncontested lay-ups. The problem is compounded because the Lakers routinely have a warm milk and turkey pre-game meal and fail to do anything in the first quarter.

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flyE said...

I wish I could.

Part of the problem, like we saw in Portland, is that when you let a team get comfortable in the 1st quarter with uncontested shots, that carries over even if you start to D up. That's no way to win a playoff series for sure.