Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What I Did on My Spring Break...

As the Lakers take a week off of basketball I guess we have some time on our hands to reflect what's happening around the league.

Apparently DeShawn Stevenson feels the needs to be the Roddy Rowdy Piper to Lebron's Hulkamania. This is going to work out his dreams. Since 99% of all Wizards fans are pleading with DeShizzle to STFU and stop poking a lion (or whispering to a bear, same analogy, same result), it would be hard for one to believe you could alienate the 1% of the fans left. done and done.

Turns out Karl Malone really loves mean it...He REALLY loves kids. yuk.

And guess who David Stern loves...The Celtics of course. I'm not really upset that the hullabaloo between the Celtics and Hawks didn't wind up in suspensions. But I did find it funny that our fearless leader decided to not use his stern (yup, i said it) judgment in handing out penalties. Players did move toward the action reminiscent of last years Suns, and KG definitely did shove a ref. I guess the Celtics bloated egos getting popped was punishment enough. After all, you have to feel bad getting punked by a guy named Zaza (this one's for the real fans out there!).

Spring break is over next week, and on a serious note we can use this time to heal. I don't believe in the "getting rusty with too much rest" theory. I'm happy if the Jazz/Rockets go 7 and we have time to work on our game plan(s). I'm sure we'll use our well deserved time wisely. I'm really hoping for the Celtics/Lakers finals. I can't wait to see Jeebus Shuttleworth pout his way to a ringless exit, after all he is a sensative guy.


flyE said...

I'm SO glad I gave you back posting rights. Nice find on that Zaza wallpaper -- expect to find that on your desktop next time you leave your computer unguarded.

flyE said...

Also, we need the rest. Ariza's foot, Rony's tonsils, Vlad's shooting touch, Kobe's ankle and hundred other bumps.. this is good time to get treatment.

Glad to see the Rockets make it a series. Is it too much to hope for them to win it?