Thursday, May 8, 2008

high basketball IQ

Bryant said: "We have a high basketball IQ, collectively. That's why I believe we'll be playing in June. Because we all think the game extremely well. "

Man, don't you miss Nick "1-2-3-Cancun" Van Exel, Samaki Walker, Kwame Brown, Caron Butler, Kareem Rush, Von Wafer, Devean George, Smush Parker? Low IQ, chuck & duck basketball was a Staples Center, er, staple.

At least we have Vlad "WTF" Radmonovich to remind us.


Sammy Limones said...

You are so on point that I've made this argument verbatim. This current squad is a character team that plays the right way. It just works, and some of these so called contenders still feel they can whine and bully their way through (Jazz & Celtics). My favorite obnoxious rebuttal these days is to listen to the haters and say "that's what i'm talking about!" (in a Loiue C.K. tone). Maybe that's too of an obscure reference, but there is no come back to condescending weirdness I can provide.

I used to love Nick the Quick, but his brain wasn't in it. "Throwing forearm shivers on refs and planning vacations during a playoff series spells "Where Run Out of Town Happens." Samaki and Kwame...disgustingly interchangeable. Rush, Wafer, dimensional at their best. At least George had a role in some of our runs, but we suffered by overpaying that slug.

And Vlad Rad...if that guy wakes up one game we win by 30...against anyone...4 jeebuses and a jordon clone we still win by 29. "WTF"

Bird, yes the "Hick From French Lick" recently said he was ready to give his MVP trophies back if Kobe didn't finally get his due this year. WoW! I can't even come close to comprehending what this award means, it seems to change two or three times a year based on which NBA darling sells the most flavored water. Kobe secured this by locking Paul down to 4 (yes 1 digit) points in a blowout in the biggest regular season game of the year, securing 1st in the west. Nuff Said

We could of, should of stole game 3 with the deck stacked against us. Game four is ours. The Lakers with Phil's game plan should execute their patented efficient offense and not have to play from so far behind for such long stretches. Any combination of not fucking the fuck up in the last and most significant plays down the stretch gives us (read Kobe) a game winning attempt to have even the most laker hating journalists (Jon Barry, sorry you got cut and shipped to the loser Kings) predicting sweep.

Round 3 (I'm already there), those pesky bugs. Paul is going to have to learn what happens when two momentous forces collide....the home court wins :)

go lakes, this ends in 5!

flyE said...

Yeah, good point. Two things we should be looking for in players: good hands and high basketball IQs. You can do a lot with those two things -- even Luc Longley made major contributions to a championship team possessing not much else.

So on a scale from 1 to 10, where 10 represents Kobe and 1 represents Kwame...