Saturday, May 24, 2008

Let Them Play

It seemed like the refs took a page from the Bad News Bears fanatics. (let them play)

They swallowed the whistles, and let two teams, and two incredibly well coached teams duke it out.

You could almost smell the offensive and defensive counters between Jax and Pop. It came down to execution and the depth of the Lakes just seemed to suffocate the Spurs whenever they attempted a deep breath. Kobe played his role to perfection, but there were just some obvious moments where Phil threw in triangle nuances that either got Odom into the paint about 3 ft. from the basket or some other play capitalizing a role players strength. It just continually clicked.

Side note: Ginobli has been given every excuse in the book...his ankle...his shooting hand's fingernail....ehem...since when do the champs make excuses (about finger nails). I recall Kobe has only 4 fingers on his shooting hand, and had been playing this way for months.

With the Spurs I can only assume game 3 will be disconnected and unique. It will be there for the Lakers, but you have to beat the champs to be the champs. I have faith in our
resolve, belief, and consistency. And our depth, especially with the recent Ariza siting!

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Sony said...

to be fair to Manu, when interviewed and asked about his injuries, he said, "no I'm much better. I just played terribly." He looked at the camera and tape recorders and, like Ododm, said he sucked.