Wednesday, May 14, 2008

NBA ... Where Creepy Happens

I starting thinking about tonight's game 5 against the Jazz, which began to just make me sick. Not sick like angered, but definitely a little vomit in the mouth sick. Maybe it was last night's Courvousier and my Sugar Free RedBull breakfast, but there is just something nauseating about the Jazz. Could it be the fans? Could be.

***Spoiler Alert --- View link first ***

Things wrong with that photo (w/ help from Deadspin comments)
1. The tie over the t-shirt over the black collared dress shirt. Classy!
2. The doll, it's wearing a mask. This leads me to believe the guy brought in a blowup man doll and a mask. Not sexy.
3. The guy on the left conducting his own porn shoot. When guys with dolls go wild!
4. They are not in Colorado.
5. How fucking hard is it to Spell Kobe!?!? It took him two tries.
6. The photo is obviously doctored. The left side of the photo including Kobe contains a Laker fan, an Asian, and a Black guy. Clearly not in Utah.

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flyE said...

Also: "I'm surprised security would allow an inflatable sex doll into the arena. Perhaps they thought that because it was blonde, white and didn't speak that it was just another Utah wife?"