Saturday, December 22, 2007

did you blink? NBA thoughts...

Apparently...according to Hollinger we dropped a spot from #3 to #4. I wish I could remember his comment during our brief stint ranked in the top 3 all league. It was some Kobe slight where his point was basically when Kobe doesn't play well the Lakers are actually better.

Portland just ticked off 10 in a row. I have to respect the way they flipped that organization. A distinct transformation from the Jailblazers. And this is without Oden. This is a team to watch in the next few years.

Bynum...Can the kid really keep this up? Phil said he may come off the bench when Kwame returns. [are you havin' a laugh?] . This hasn't been Phil's best coaching in his Laker tenure, but you have to play this kid big minutes with Kobe. You have to love the Kobe to Bynum lobs. We see it more every game.

Happy Hoops, & Happy Holidays!


flyE said...

My tivo decided not to record the second half of the Knicks game, but apparently that was its Xmas gift to me.

Speaking of Kobe-Drew... how about that move in the first half? Split the double team with a between-the-legs crossover, then a juke right lookaway pass back left to Drew for a jam.

samuellemons said...

That split of the double team was sick! I wasn't sure when I first saw the play. I wore out my Tivo replay button on that one . Usual Lakes letting off the gas pedal though.