Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas To Us!

Nice win by the good guys yesterday... there is no way to spin that game as being a bad performance by Phoenix, or a hot streak by LA. Both teams were playing at a pretty high level (especially compared to the previous dog of a game - Miami/Cleveland), but the Lakers are just better, more versatile, and far deeper.

And what a great move by Phil inserting Ariza into the starting lineup! That makes the starting unit better defensively and better at rebounding. Oh yeah, he can also throw down the occasional SICK dunk:

Not sure this will last -- we'll see what happens when everyone is healthy. Or even Friday against a bruising Utah team we may see Turiaf in there instead, or Kwame once he is healthy.

Although, are the Lakers a better team with Kwame and Luke out?

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samuellemons said...

I can't believe one of the announcers was calling that dunk a charge. If you think that's a charge then you hate basketball!
Or the play where Nash blocked kobe from getting a loose ball and someone was crying for a foul on Kobe.. Beyond lame.

Was an exciting game though. Had to love seeing the suns and their crybaby coach basically give up with about 45 seconds to go. Maybe that sick drive and reverse dunk broke their weak spirits. The Suns of old would have still considered themselves in that game.