Thursday, December 6, 2007

Lakers Noogie Nuggs

Jon Barry is fine, but while Farmar was getting torched by AI, he actually said "why don't they put Fisher on him, he's a good defender." If by that he means, Fisher extends his defend so far past the 3 point line that when he inevitably gets torched, he's failed to guide the offensive player to the help defense" then I agree.

Lamar looked totally lost. He really shouldn’t shoot threes.

This just in: Kobe is incredible. Iverson had 49 points at the end of the third quarter. Kobe came in and held him to 2 points. (oh yeah, Kobe also scored 14.) I know the NBA is a team defensive game, but that still falls on the individual player- you have to slow the guy down, move him against his tendency and, when he gets past you, guide him to the help. Kobe guards the best guard or small foreword whenever it matters and still carries the offensive load.

This Laker team (which I don’t think highly of) would beat any of Jordan’s Bull teams. Although, whether you use 1980s refs or 2007 refs might matter.


flyE said...

Interesting that Denver picked themselves up and went on the road to beat Dallas. Denver and Dallas are now 11-12 in the Sagarin ratings.

Denver plays some of the worst defense I've ever seen from a supposed playoff team. Just disorganized and disinterested in forcing the Lakers to do anything other than what they wanted. AI carried Denver for 3 quarters otherwise they should've been down 20.

As Sam mentioned... between the final quarter they showed the Denver huddle as Coby Sr. told them that the Lakes would be doubling AI so he needed to trust his teammates. AI says, "then make a play!"

True, but that comment would spawn two weeks of Kobe Hates His Team talk if coming from him.

flyE said...

Also, what you said about Fish reminds me of what they would say about Smush -- he's a good defender because he's a league leader in steals. Um, what?