Monday, December 10, 2007

I Kidd, I Kidd

I'll be damned if Bill Friggin' Simmons didn't come up with a plausible "Kidd to the Lakers" trade scenario:

Los Angeles gets Kidd, Augustine and Madsen; Orlando gets Radmanovic; New Jersey gets Kwame, Telfair, Crittendon and a lottery-protected No. 1 from the Lakers in 2008; Minnesota gets Garrity, Vujacic and $600,000 from the Lakers.

That... just... might... work? I hate anything that breaks up a really good bench right now, but at the same time that's a trade that brings in a star without giving up Bynum, Odom, or Farmar:

- Kidd
- Kobe
- Odom
- Turiaf
- Bynum

Bench Mob
- Farmar
- Fish
- Luke
- Ariza
- Mihm

Garbage Collectors
- Mad Dog
- Coby
- Whoever the hell "James Augustine" is


samuellemons said...

I want to see this trade just to get Turiaf and Mad Dog on the floor together. Although they'd probably knock each other out fighting for the same rebound.

Would this make us a top tier team?

flyE said...