Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Chris Webber, P.J. Brown and DJ Mbenga

Why does Turiaf tomahawk guys when he goes for blocks? He contested collison, and changed Collison's shot into something that was ugly, but then swunghis arm down and sent him to the line. He does that frequently.

Lamar looked lost and useless against Seattle. He is always late on rotations.

Lots of Ronny and Kwame is going to make me, Jackson and Kobe sick. LA Times:

In an update provided by a team source, Chris Mihm is at least two weeks from returning, if not longer, from a sore right Achilles tendon.

Thus, the Lakers are sifting through the free-agent bin and coming up with such names as Chris Webber, P.J. Brown and DJ Mbenga.

The Lakers were intrigued by Webber a year ago and have been in contact with his representatives. They think he fits the mold of a triangle-offense player -- good passer, good jump shot -- but are concerned about his physical condition.

Webber, who will be 35 in March, has not played since last season. He averaged 11.2 points, 7.2 rebounds and 29.9 minutes in 61 games with Philadelphia and Detroit, but did not re-sign with the Pistons after their playoff run.

He has been contacted by other unspecified teams and will make up his mind this week, his agent said.

"We've talked to the Lakers organization several times prior to Andrew's unfortunate injury," said Webber's agent, Aaron Goodwin. "Obviously, they're a much better team with Andrew playing than they are without him. I think [Webber] will make a decision where he's going to play this week."

Unlike last season, a starting spot is not a prerequisite for Webber, Goodwin said.


flyE said...

I like Turiaf at center mainly because he has better spacing on offense. Kwame isn't just a brick-layer, he often is just in the wrong spot.

Webber WOULD be good in the triangle, but let's be serious: he is a Loser who will Never Win a Championship. So if we're looking for a guy to help us get to the next level (but not too far) this year, fine. But I don't like it, no sir.

Sammy Limones said...

no...please...I've pleaded in the past and even though it sounds like a good idea.....NO WEBBER!

Would he fit the triangle? Would he play some big man minutes with Bynum/Mihm out and Kwame playing like a shadow of his former shadow? Would he make some nice dimes and hit some 18 footers? Yes. But would he also curse this squad, destroy our chemistry, and lead us to Loserville in mere second of being signed? ... also Yes

please, it's only 2 weeks with Socks out and don't forget we have that other guy who just may be able to avg 45 a game for a couple weeks on our road trip.

flyE said...

"I think Chris is an accomplished offensive player," Jackson says. "My concern as always has been defense and rebounding, and that's a part of the game that has passed Chris by."