Saturday, January 12, 2008

Trapped in the Closet, part 41

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You may remember me from such Laker moments as The 2000 Championship Season, and Getting Traded for Horace Grant:
Former Miami Heat star Glen Rice was charged Friday with felony battery after Miami-Dade police said he beat a man he found hiding in his estranged wife's bedroom closet.

Rice went to Christina Rice's home near Coral Gables Friday afternoon, demanding to know the identity of the man she was with and asking why the man was in her house, according to a police report. Glen Rice then quickly found Alberto Perez, 37, hiding in the closet, police said.

Perez called 911 about 1:30 p.m. after Glen Rice hit him several times on the head and Perez was able to run out of the house, police said. Perez's facial injuries, mainly a laceration on his forehead, required nine stitches, according to the report.


Sammy Limones said...

if it's the Glenn Rice I know, he hit him 3/3 from 30 feet and his championship ring is evidence.

In other news, the lakes are hot fire and Stan Van let us all know that we will be the real deal when Bynum demands a trade....for Kobe. Have to love that guy.

That 9 game road trip at the end of the month is worrisome but I'm thinking 6-3. Go lakes

Sony said...
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Sony said...

Glenn never got that ring. Horace showed up and got that ring.

Jackson never liked Glenn, no D & no rebound = no playing time. Right, slava Medvedenko?

Sammy Limones said...

I believe Rice got the ring Eddie Jones deserved.
Horace got that one too.

We are still a deep squad, but Kobe is going
to have to score 30+ on the road to collect
wins. Lucky our 9 game road trip goes East
where we can play some small ball. Farmah!!!!

Sony said...

You are right, he did collect a ring in the 99-00 season. I liked the trade anyway though. Between Horace, Rick Fox and Brian Shaw the lakers had one of the highest IQ basketball teams I've ever seen. None of those guys were athletic for NBA guys, but man were they good. And they tutored Kobe.

"After struggling to contain the Western Conference's high scoring power forwards in the playoffs, Los Angeles dealt Glen Rice and Travis Knight to the New York Knicks in a three-way deal involving the Seattle SuperSonics, which netted power forward Horace Grant and center Greg Foster. Having played under Jackson earlier in their careers, both Grant and Foster were skilled in running the Lakers triangle offense, and Grant was to provide a solid defensive and rebounding presence."

Sammy Limones said...

we can all agree though, that Foster provided the cheerleading from the bench that every championship team has needed to win. He also added the dimension of ugly that brings all NBA squads the luck factor in tight games. Funny...I still haven't found a Greg Foster jersey on Ebay, maybe no one wants to sell such a valuable commodity.