Thursday, January 24, 2008

Where Are They Now: Sedale Threatt

Sedale Threatt was sort of the Captain of the Bad Days -- that dim post-Magic era when we looked on the floor and saw some of our favorites (Byron, Worthy, Sleepy Sam, AC) out there slogging through a haze of mediocre seasons, until the rebuilding process kicked in with Nick, Ced, Eddie, Fish... finally paving the way for the Shaqkobean mini-dynasty. He was a good floor leader, great defender, and even led the team in scoring once; too many nights he was the only reason to watch.

I always liked Sedale, and not just because he once punched Danny Ainge in the face (sadly, not as a Laker). I can still hear Stu: "Sedale looooves going to his left to shoot." What is he up to nowadays?

About 14. Kids. By an unknown number of mothers. One son -- Sedale Threatt, Jr. -- is a college quarterback with pro potential but doesn't really know his father. I read somewhere that he had 7 or so kids just since moving to Australia several years back, where he has played a little pro-ish ball and currently he coaches at an And1 camp. Apparently Sedale Sr. is still partying like he's in his 20s, when he was known in Lakerland for enjoying a nice time out on the town with a special lady friend or two.

Good on you, mate... er, except for the whole being an absent father thing.

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