Thursday, January 10, 2008

Pleased as punch how I feel after the Lakers demolished (abused, humiliated, ran roughshod over) the Hornets on their home floor. Bynum outplayed Tyson Chandler, defenders mostly stayed home on that mouth-breather Peja, and when Chris Paul drove everyone stayed in the passing lanes and turned him into a scorer only (5 assists total).

And the bench came in and held and/or extended the lead, rather than being sloppy with passes(Farmar) or forcing shots (Kwame). Leaving Kobe or Lamar in with that unit really helps.

Big, big win. All the more amazing that the game was basically over halfway through the 1st quarter. As Chris Paul said, "I don't think it was so much of what we didn't do as what they did well."

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samuellemons said...

With PHX losing, this low profile lakers squad has a shot at holding the #1 spot, if even temporarily. If we stay healthy, consider this deep, young, quiet monster as the real deal. I would almost rather we remain under the radar until later in the year since 23-11 was an injury curse last year. Still...we're deep and most importantly fun to watch, something beyond the W-L columns.