Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Who's Not Honoring Me Now? V

Wow, a couple of #1s. Probably not deserved -- as usual, Sagarin and Hollinger seem to be the most reasonable. But appreciated none the less.

Then again, the Lakers are FIRST IN THE WESTERN CONFERENCE as of today by a half game over SA, Dallas, Phoenix.

Meanwhile, Meija the Hater writes his rankings comments all about the Lakers and how this injury will hurt their "elite" status, while leaving them at #6 below New Orleans and others (despite a better record and, let's see, an embarrassingly lopsided win in NO last week.)

Good news is, the Suns lost to the CLIPPERS last night (Walton: "You mean Clipper legend Brian Skinner?!?"), so the Lakers are in 1st all be their lonesome in the Pacific.

#3 - Sagarin/
#1 - Schuhmann/
#6 - Meija/
#1 - dime magazine
#3 - Hollinger/
#4 - Steyn/
#5 - Burns/
#3- Murphy/

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Sammy Limones said...

We are definitely not the #1 team in the league and our health concerns should alter our rankings. It was nice to have a taste of success though, and I think this adversity will only build more chemistry. Bynum has to make sure he's 100% before rushing back. My main concern is getting healthy in the stretch, so we shouldn't panic at this point. Success this season would mean homecourt during the first round and having some health and momentum established playoff time. I can realistically see us in the 3 or 4 spot if we manage to have enough live bodies the rest of the season.